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The Encyclopedia of Chicago includes a vast collection of information about the history of the city. Thousands of historical resources-including articles, photos, maps, broadsides and newspapers-related to Chicago's colorful and complex history are at your fingertips. The Encyclopedia offers more than 1,500 historical sources, including photographs, drawings, maps, books, catalogues, cartoons, advertisements, posters, newspapers, magazine articles, letters, journal entries, government documents, and legal materials. The two Rich Maps in the Encyclopedia – "Labor Unrest in Chicago" and "Prairie Avenue" – use maps as starting points for personal explorations of the history of Chicago. You can initiate your own historical investigation, deciding what information you wish to see presented on screen, reading essays that provide broader context, or accessing historical sources that illuminate the information presented in the map. The "Prairie Avenue" map, for example, becomes an entryway into the lives of the people who resided along the street. By clicking on the outlines of homes, you can explore census records, photographs, legal documents, and family letters. Investigating the "Labor Unrest" map will allow you not only to read and offer your own interpretations of the historical sources used to create this map, but also to learn more about the individuals and institutions involved in the depicted events.