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These texts have been drawn from different sources. Many were originally scanned and formatted from texts in the Public Domain. Others have been downloaded from various sites on the Internet (many of which have long since disappeared). Most of the recent texts have been submitted by contributors around the world. I have tried to indicate on the Credit Page the edition and date of the original text and who (if known) was responsible for the initial HTML conversion. Occasionally texts are submitted by contributors or discovered on the Internet without indication of the edition from which they derive. If I am unable to identify the edition (which is often the case), I have attempted, if feasible, to conform the text to an out-of-copyright edition. The texts are not intended for research purposes nor as substitutes for critical editions. Despite constant effort to remove "scanner artifact" and other typographical errors, many such errors remain. The texts are presented merely for ease of on-line reading or for downloading for personal or educational use. No morphological or vocabulary aid is presented with the texts. Many sites exist for various texts and, most comprehensively, the outstanding Perseus site, where the texts are presented section by section with morphological links. There are no translations at this site. Please don't ask. David Camden's excellent Forum Romanum has a comprehensive list of translations available on line.