November 1, 1995-December 31, 2013
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World News Connection consists of English-language transcriptions generated from government monitoring of selected non-U.S. broadcasts, web postings, newspapers, wire services, and other news sources from hundreds of countries for national security purposes. The articles are translated into English, although there are some cases where part of the content appears in the original language. Generally the articles are presented as full text; a small number are noted as excerpted. The types of sources range from print reporting to news agency bulletins to broadcast transcripts. A sample of listings indicates the broad range: Colombia (Caracol Colombia Radio, Caracol Television, El Espectador, El Pais) and Cyprus (CyBC Television 1, CyBC Radio 1, Cyprus Mail, Cyprus News Agency, Kibris Gazetesi, Volkan Gazetesi). There is some partial overlap in years in CD-ROM format. The CD-ROM version of FBIS (1996-2004) exists on multiple discs in Memorial Library Reference Department and must be used one at a time. Its years of coverage are not as extensive as the WNC Archive, but the FBIS discs do have some additional content, due to copyright restrictions on WNC. (Not updated)