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Checkpoint (Thomson Reuters)

Accounting and tax resource that includes research materials, online learning, news updates, marketing resources, etc. UW-Madison students, faculty and staff must register to use.

Publication Details

  • Time-span Current
  • Subscription Type SUBSCRIPTION
  • Publisher Thomson Reuters /Checkpoint; New York, NY
  • Resource Types Reference Source, Article Database
  • Description Checkpoint is a resource for accounting and tax research. At the core of this resource is Thomson Reuters' Federal Tax Coordinator 2nd and United States Tax Reporter. Checkpoint also includes resources from Warren, Gorham, & Lamont (WGL). Access to Thomson Reuters Checkpoint is restricted to students, faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Registration is required to use the system. To register, you must be either at a computer on the Madison campus, connecting to the Internet using the UW—Madison's modem pool or connecting through the UW—Madison Library's Proxy Server. Once you have registered, you may connect to Thomson Reuters Checkpoint from any computer connected to the Internet. To prevent unauthorized use of the system, all student accounts will be purged on an annual basis. (Updated daily)