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Publication Details

  • Time-span Varies with index
  • Subscription Type SUBSCRIPTION
  • License Information One simultaneous user licensed.
  • Publisher Nichigai Associates
  • Access Policy NOTE: Use of this database requires a computer with a up-to-date browser along with a Japanese input enabler such as the Microsoft Global Input Method Editor (Global IME) for Japanese or Japanese Language Kit.
  • Languages Japanese
  • Resource Types Article Database
  • Description MagazinePlus is the largest collection of Japanese databases. With over 5.2 million items, it consolidates five separate databases: Zasshi Kiji Sakuin (an index to 9396 Japanese language and 102 Western language scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, with coverage from 1975-present, updated twice a month); Jānaru Indekkusu (an index to weekly and monthly magazines, with coverage from 1981-present, updated weekly); Joint (an index to 1300 economic journals, with coverage from 1981-1995); KSK (an index to foreign journals on industries, with coverage from 1986-present, updated every 2-3 months); Gakkai nenpō kenkyū hūkoku ronbun sōran (an index to annual publications of academic societies, with coverage from 1945-1995); and Ronbunshū naiyō saimoku sōran (an index to monographic books and conference papers, with coverage from 1945-1998). (Update frequency varies with index)