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This is the 5th (or latest) edition of the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, covering the entire chemical industry and allied fields. Updated regularly, Kirk-Othmer Online will stay current with the latest developments in chemical technology and related fields. Articles will be updated and revised in response to actual changes and developments as they occur in the chemical industry. Searching can be conducted in both query-based and menu-driven modes. These are just some of the subject areas covered by Kirk-Othmer: Risk management, enterprise resource planning, outsourcing, combinatorial synthesis and technology, functional foods, process automation, electronic chemicals, specialty silicones, genomics, mergers and acquisitions, nanoparticles, bioinformatics, ISO 14000, micron-scale chemical analysis, medical applications of biodegradable materials, product development strategies, drug discovery strategies, chemistry of Aging, single-site catalysis, custom manufacturing, global chemical market analysis, recycling, vitamins, antibiotics, graphite fibers, and pesticides. (Updates vary)