Dates Vary; ICPSR was founded in 1962
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All users must create an ICPSR account from an on-campus IP address using a @wisc.edu email account (cannot create an account while off-campus). Every six (6) months users must login to ICPSR from on-campus to re-certify affiliation with UW-Madison.
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Statistics and Data
ICPSR maintains and provides access to a large archive of quantitative social science data for research and instruction. The ICPSR data holdings contain around 5000 studies and 50,000 files covering a wide range of social science areas such as population, economics, education, health, social and political behavior, social and political attitudes, history, crime, aging, and substance abuse. Codebooks may be downloaded by any user, but most of the datasets themselves are available only through the licensed access. (Updated weekly)