1948 - present
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IFS and IMF Data require a free online registration/sign in. You can view the IFS and other datasets without registering, but you only save and download data by registering. Registration includes confirming the account by responding to an email message from IMF including copying and pasting a code. Not completing registration will allow a one-time only use of IFS and the other datasets. The primary reason users can't access IFS and other datasets a second time is because they did not complete the registration process.
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The IMF eLibrary Data contains a range of time series data on IMF lending, exchange rates, and other economic and financial indicators. The International Financial Statistcs (IFS) has been one of IMF's principal statistical datasets since 1948. Available indicators normally include a country's exchange rate, Fund position, international liquidity, monetary statistics, interest rates, prices, production, labor, international transactions, government accounts, national accounts, and population. (Updated monthly)