~600 CE - present
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  • Includes all new material from the Third Edition (2007- ). You will need to go to the Brill site in general to see volumes I-XII of the New 2nd Edition (published 1955-2005). The 1st edition, originally published between 1913 and 1936 is not available online to us, see the print holdings.
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The Encyclopaedia of Islam includes more than 15,000 articles on the current state of the Islamic world, from religion and history to politics and culture. Articles cover distinguished Muslims, tribes and dynasties crafts sciences political and religious institutions the geography, ethnography, flora and fauna of various countries and the history, topography and monuments of the major towns and cities. Its geographical and historical scope encompasses the old Arabo-Islamic empire the Islamic countries of Iran, Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent and Indonesia the Ottoman Empire and all modern Islamic states. (Updated Irregularly)