19th and early 20th centuries
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Austrian Literature Online (ALO)
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Austrian Literature Online (ALO), despite its English-language title, is a German-language site offering digitizations of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century literary and cultural works from Austria. Also included are some German-language dictionaries of Austrian provenance from the same period. Maintained by a consortium of Austrian university libraries, its texts are grouped together in subject categories called "Sammlungen" [Collections]. Choose one of these categories (those of broadest interest are Austriaca, Varia, and Periodica) and you will get listings of individual works or, in some cases, further subject groupings (e.g., "Woerterbuecher" [Dictionaries]). A special section on the Austrian women's movement of the late nineteenth- and (esp.) early twentieth-century is listed under "Sammlungen" as: "Frauen in Bewegung (Ariadne/OeNB)". Choosing a specific title ("Dokument") brings up facsimiled pages with a menu. Choosing "PDF erzeugen" from that menu gets you a very legible version of the same item in PDF format. (Updates vary)