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Laura Gibbs, PhD
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This is an ongoing project to publish on the Web the Greek and Latin texts of Aesop's fables (and other "Aesopic" fables in ancient and medieval collections), together with early modern and modern English-language translations and with indexes to collections by fable number. Greek-language texts are published in Unicode; you may need to set your browser accordingly. Greek authors included thus far are Aesop (click on Chambry, whose Budé edition is used here), Aphthonius, Babrius, and "Syntipas". Ancient Latin authors included are Phaedrus and Avianus; medieval Latin authors included are Ademar, "Romulus" (Books I and II), Walter of England, and Odo of Cheriton. Also included are the 15th-century English translation by Caxton (Books I-III), the late 17th-century one by L'Estrange, and 19th-century ones by Townsend and by Jacobs. (Updates vary)