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Informe académico contains a wide range of full-text Spanish- and Portuguese-language scholarly journals and magazines both from and about Latin America, with an emphasis on the social science and humanities, with some titles in the sciences and medicine. For titles in the sciences and technology, most tend to cover the applied areas. Very strong coverage exists for Mexico and Spain, with many principal titles for Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru. University press titles from these countries are especially prominent. Coverage tends to be from the mid- to late-1990s to the present, with some titles extending earlier. Especially important are the newspapers (Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela) from which around 20 to 80 stories/day are provided. Currently comprises 320+ titles (journals, magazines and newspapers). Informe Académico provides quality reference material—not simply translations of English-language materials—on an interface configured for Spanish speakers, allowing researchers to analyze topics and conduct research in Spanish. (Updated daily)