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Copper Technical Reference Library

Publication Details

  • Time-span 1965 - present
  • Subscription Type SUBSCRIPTION
  • License Information Unlimited simultaneous users licensed.
  • Publisher ProQuest
  • Languages English
  • Resource Types Article Database
  • Description The Copper Technical Reference Library provides bibliographic coverage of all aspects of copper, its alloys and its compounds from mining and extractive metallurgy, to antimicrobial properties, to use of copper in semiconductors. Subject coverage includes: extractive metallurgy, melting and casting, fabrication, surface treatment, joining, powder metallurgy, physical metallurgy, properties, corrosion and oxidation, composites, copper compounds, superconductivity, competitive materials, applications, insulation, pollution control, and energy. The Copper Technical Reference Library can also be searched as part of the Materials Research Database and the Technology Research Database. (Updated monthly)