Shaking the foundations : 200 years of investigative journalism in America

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  • Creator edited by Bruce Shapiro
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  • Publication New York : Thunder's Mouth Press/Nation Books : Distributed by Publishers Group West, [2003] ©2003
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    • xxvi, 518 pages ; 23 cm
  • ISBNs 9781560254331, 1560254335
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Foreword / Pete Hamill -- Introduction: Striking Through the Mask / Bruce Shapiro -- 1. The Invention of Exposure: 1798-1900 -- Benjamin Franklin Bache: "A Calm Observer" from the Philadelphia Aurora and General Advertiser (1795) -- John Barber: From A History of the Amistad Captives (1840) -- Herman Melville: "Flogging Through the Fleet" from White-Jacket (1850) -- Henry Adams: From Chapters of Erie (1872) -- The New York Times: "More Ring Villainy: Gigantic Frauds in the Rental of Armories" (1871) -- John Swinton: "The New Slave Trade" from John Swinton's Paper (1884) -- Nellie Bly: "Choking and Beating Patients" from Ten Days in a Madhouse (1887) -- Jacob Riis: "Pauperism in the Tenements" from How the Other Half Lives (1890) -- Ida B. Wells: "Lynching of Innocent Men (Lynched on Account of Relationship)" from A Red Record (1897) -- II. Muckrakers and the Era of Reform: 1900-1920 -- Lincoln Steffens: "The Shame of Minneapolis: The Rescue and Redemption of a City That Was Sold Out" from McClure's Magazine (1903) -- Ida Tarbell: "The Oil War of 1872" from The History of Standard Oil (1903) -- Upton Sinclair: "The Condemned-Meat Industry: A Reply to Mr. J Ogden Armour" from Everybody's Magazine (1908) -- III. Factories, Fields, and Fascists: Investigative Journalism's Forgotten Decades, 1920-1960 -- Vera Connolly: "Cry of a Broken People: A Story of Injustice and Cruelty that is as Terrible as it is True" from Good Housekeeping (1929) -- Drew Pearson: "The Man Who Stayed Too Long" from Washington Merry-Go-Round (1931) -- Carey McWilliams: "The Rise of Farm Fascism" from Factories in the Field (1939) -- George Seldes: "The Suppressed Tobacco Story" from In Fact (1941) -- Lowell L. Leake and PM: "Hitler Gets Millions for War Chest Through Links with American Firms" from PM (1941) -- John Bartlow Martin: "The Blast in Centralia No. 5: A Mine Disaster No One Stopped" from Harper's Magazine (1948) -- Marvel Cooke: "The Bronx Slave Market" Parts I, II, and III from the New York Compass (1950) -- Stetson Kennedy: "The Klavaliers Ride to a Fall" from The Klan Unmasked (1954) -- Fred J. Cook: From "The Big Ones Get Away" from The Nation (1958) -- Ralph Nader: "The Safe Car You Can't Buy," from The Nation (1959) -- IV. A Force to be Reckoned With: 1960-1990 -- Frank Donner: From "Anatomy of a Hate Group" from The Un-Americans (1962) -- Rachel Carson: "And No Birds Sing" from Silent Spring (1962) -- I.F. Stone: "All We Really Know is that We Fired the First Shots" from I.F. Stone's Weekly (1968) -- Robert Scheer, Warren Hinckle, and Sol Stern: "The University on the Make" from Ramparts (1966) -- Seymour Hersh: "The My Lai Massacre" from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1969) -- Neil Sheehan and Hedrick Smith: "Vast Review of War Took a Year" from the New York Times (1971) -- Jack Anderson: "Secret Memo Bares Mitchell-ITT Move," Kleindienst Accused in ITT Case," and "Contradictions Cited in ITT Case" from the Washington Post (1972) -- Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein: "Spy Funds Linked to GOP Aides" and "Mitchell Controlled Secret GOP Fund" from the Washington Post (1972) -- Jessica Mitford: "The Prison Business" from Kind and Usual Punishment (1973) -- Mark Dowie, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Stephen Minkin: "Corporate Crime of the Century" from Mother Jones (1979) -- Jonathan Kwitny: "Steinman" from Vicious Circles: The Mafia and the Marketplace (1979) -- Penny Lernoux: "Villains Afoot" from Cry of the People (1980) -- Allan Nairn: "Behind the Death Squads" from The Progressive (1984) -- V. Themes for a New Century: 1990-2000 -- Roy Gutman: "Death Camp Horrors" from Newsday (1993) -- Kenneth Armstrong and Steve Mills: "Death Row Justice Derailed" from the Chicago Tribune (1999) -- William Greider: "These Dark Satanic Mills" from One World, Ready or Not (1997)
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