New edition of the Babylonian Talmud.

Talmud. English.

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  • Vol. 5 revised by Godfrey Taubenhaus.


  • v. 1. Tract Sabbath. 2d ed., re-ed., rev. and enl.--Section Moed (Festivals): v. 2. Tract Erubin.--v. 3. Tract Pesachim (Passover).--v. 4. Tracts Betzah, Succah, and Moed Katan.--Section jurisprudence (Damages): v. 5. Tracts Aboth (Fathers of the Synagogue) with Aboth of R. Nathan, Derech Eretz Rabba, and Zuta.--v. 6. Tract Baba Metzia (Middle Gate, part 1)--v. 7. Tract Baba Bathra (Last gate, part 1)--v. 8. Tract Sanhedrin.--v. 9. Tracts Maccoth, Shebuoth and Eduyoth.--v. 10. The history of the Talmud from the time of its formation, about 200 B.C., up to the present time
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