Correspondence with Mr. Howard, Sept. 22nd, 1873, Manitou Springs, Col. ; Mr. White, Sept 21, 1853, New Brighton ; Mr. Wolbridge, March 1, 1860, New York Mills ; George W. Childs, May 29, 1865, Philadelphia ; Mr. White, 187-, Minnequa Springs, Pa. ; Mr. Bok, 15 East 59th Street, Dec. 26, 1888 ; Dr. Ward, Feb. 28, 1895, Washington ; Fair world [poem & letter to James Redpath, Sept. 9th, 1890, Minnequa Springs, Philadelphia] ; Mrs. Sikes, March 29, 1879, Bedford Square ; Horatio Stone, Jan. 22, 1871 ; Miss Whittle, Nov. 30, 1895 ; 2 photographs clipped from periodicals ; engraved portrait, taken from The Ladies Repository ; cabinet photograph ; poem, Mistress O'Raferty on the Womans question

Greenwood, Grace, 1823-1904
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  • Mounted letter to George W. Childs has 2 reproductions of likenesses of Greenwood in later years mounted on border, 1 photograph and 1 drawing. Cabinet photograph is 6"x 4", by Brady National Gallery, ca. 1860's. Letter to Mr. White, 187-, is on letterhead of the Minnequa House in Minnequa Springs, Bradford Co., Pa. Unsigned poem, Mistress O'Raferty on the womans question is satirical in an Irish brogue. Letter to Edward Bok commenting on proof editing and noting a correction. Letter to Dr. Ward sending her reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln [not present] and also sending an article and urging him to use it for The Independent from Mrs. Williams [not present] Letter to Mrs. [Wirt?] Sikes [aka Olive Logan] about visiting and illness of herself and her daughter. Letter to Stone discussing a monument for Prof. Morse. Engraved portrait from Godey's Lady's Book, by W.G. Armstrong from a sketch by G.H. Cushman. Letter to Miss Whittle or Whittier apologizing for her appearance and attitude during an interview at her home, but also sharp in tone about the interview.


  • Holographs, signed.