The Vajrakīla rites as practiced by the ʼKhon lineage of Sa-skya : being the detailed exegesis of the sādhana and gtor-bzlog of ʼJam-mgon A-myes-źabs Kun-dgaʼ-bsod-nams and the notes on the sacred dance (ʼchams) of Sṅags-ʼchaṅ Kun-dgaʼ-rin-chen


  • Esoteric teachings of the Sakyapa sect of Tibetan Lamaism.


  • Cover title: ʼKhon lugs Phur paʼi rnam bśad. ʼChams yig brjed byaṅ.
  • "Reproduced from manuscript copies of the ancient Sa-skya xylographic prints by Ngawang Sopa."
  • Text in Tibetan; preface in English.
  • Appendices (leaves 3-4) : 1. Bibliography of important works on the Vajrakīla rites according to the practice of the ʼKhon lineage (ʼKhon lugs) of Sa-skya.-2. Important synthetic studies on the various esoteric cycles practiced by followers of the Sa-skya-pa tradition written by ʼJam-mgon A-myes-zhabs Kun-dgaʼ-bsod-nams.