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American law and the constitutional order : historical perspectives

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Includes bibliographical references.


  • The law in United States history / Willard Hurst -- Notes toward a history of American justice / Lawrence M. Friedman -- King's law and local custom in seventeenth-century New England / Julius Goebel, Jr. -- The legal heritage of Plymouth colony / George L. Haskins -- The politics of law in Colonial America : controversies over Chancery courts and equity law in the eighteenth century / Stanley N. Katz -- Law and the enforcement of morals in early America / David Flaherty -- Popular uprisings and civil authority in eighteenth-century America / Pauline Maier -- Federalism and the constitution : the original understanding / Harry N. Scheiber -- Liberty and the first amendment : 1790-1800 / Leonard W. Levy -- The release of energy / Willard Hurst -- An overview of American land policy / Paul W. Gates -- Property law, expropriation, and resource allocation by government / Harry N. Scheiber -- The transformation in the conception of property in American law / Morton J. Horwitz -- The law of the commonwealth and chief justice Shaw / Leonard W. Levy -- Emerging notions of modern criminal law in the revolutionary era : an historical perspective / William E. Nelson -- Violence and vigilantism in American history / Richard Maxwell Brown --Urbanization and criminal violence in the nineteenth century : Massachusetts as a test case / Roger Lane -- Chattels Personal / Kenneth M. Stampp -- The American Civil War as a constitutional crisis / Arthur Bestor -- The reconstruction of federal judicial power, 1863-1876 / William M. Wiecek -- Justice Field and the jurisprudence of government-business relations : some parameters of laissez-faire constitutionalism / Charles W. McCurdy -- Social change and the law of industrial accidents / Lawrence M. Friedman and Jack Ladinsky -- Legal progressivism, the courts, and the crisis of the 1890's / Arnold M. Paul -- Behavior modification in total institutions : an historical overview / David J. Rothman -- Urban crime and criminal justice : the Chicago case / Mark H. Haller -- Negro involuntary servitude in the south : a preliminary analysis / William Cohen -- Moorfield Storey and the struggle for equality / William B. Hixon, Jr. -- Earl Warren and the Brown decision / S. Sidney Ulmer -- Lawyers and clients in the twentieth century / Jerold S. Auerbach -- American jurisprudence between the wars : legal realism and the crisis of democratic theory / Edward A. Purcell, Jr. -- The new Property / Charles A. Reich -- Judicial review and basic liberties / John P. Frank -- Toward neutral principles of constitutional law / Herbert Wechsler -- Social cohesion and the crisis of law / David M. Potter

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