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Law in American history

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  • Includes bibliographical references.


  • Legal elements in United States history / by James Willard Hurst -- Legal and behavioral perspectives on American vigilantism / by Richard Maxwell Brown -- Constitutional law and the rhetoric of race / by Charles A. Miller -- Law and the enforcement of morals in Early America / by David H. Flaherty -- The politics of law in Colonial America: controversies over Chancery courts and equity law in the eighteenth century / by Stanley N. Katz --The emergence of an instrumental conception of American Law, 1780-1820 / by Morton J. Horwitz / Morton J. Horwitz -- The road to Munn: eminent domain and the concept of public purpose in the state courts / by Harry N. Scheiber -- Two cheers for 1870: the American Law School / by Robert Stevens -- Enmity and amity: law teachers and practitioners, 1900-1922 / by Jerold S. Auerbach -- Aspects of Federal Civil Rights Enforcement: the Justice Department and the FBI, 1939-1964 / by John T. Elliff

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