A Treasury of American folklore : stories, ballads, and traditions of the people

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A collection of folklore, including an index of authors, titles, and first lines of songs and an index of subjects and names.

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edited by B.A. Botkin ; with a foreword by Carl Sandburg
  • New York : Crown Publishers, ©1944
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  • xxvii, 932 pages ; 22 cm
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  • Includes music.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Also issued online.

  • The hunters of Kentucky -- Roaring Ralph Stackpole -- The lion of the west -- A vote for Crockett -- The ballad of Davy Crockett -- Telling stories vs. talking government matters -- The story of a skow -- Grinning the bark off a tree -- The coon-skin trick -- A riproarious fight on the Mississippi River -- Treeing a wolf -- Skinning a bear -- The death hug -- A sensible varmint -- The fox -- The tame bear -- Crockett electioneering -- Speech of Crockett during the canvass of 1829 -- Speech of Colonel Crockett in Congress -- Crockett's opinion of a thunder storm -- The colonel swallows a thunderbolt -- Crockett's morning hunt -- The shooting of the cup -- Mike Fink, the Indian, and the deer -- Mike teaches Peg a lesson -- The disgraced scalp-lock -- Trimming a darky's heel -- Death of Mike Fink -- Raftsman talk -- Crockett's brag -- Fink's brag -- Hurray for me! -- Bully of Salt River -- Billy Earthquake-- Bad man yells -- Human man-eaters -- The boasting drunk in Dodge -- Other cowboy boasting chants -- Cowboy to pitching bronco -- Cowboy yells -- The purple blossom of Gingham Mountain -- From college to cowboy -- The Pike County rip-tail roarer -- A female rip-tail roarer -- Washoe -- Wild Bill: My first meeting with Wild Bill -- The duel with Dave Tutt -- Black Nell -- The McCanles Massacre -- The truth about the McCanles affair -- "The prince of pistoleers" -- The death of Wild Bill -- Billy the Kid: The people remember the Kid -- The "war of Billy the Kid" -- Death of Billy the Kid -- Song of Billy the Kid -- Jesse James: Ballad of Jesse James -- Jesse James and the poor widow -- The death of Jesse James -- Quantrell -- Sam Bass: The Sam Bass Legend -- The song -- Stackalee -- Roy Bean, law west of the Pecos: Roy Bean (song) -- Necktie justice -- Roy Bean, coroner -- Judge Roy Bean again -- Roy Bean and the Chinaman -- Bean's bear -- Judge Parker's sentence -- Judge Benedict's sentence -- Buffalo Bill's "Wild West" -- The adventures of Big-Foot Wallace: Sketch of Wallace's life -- How Big-Foot Wallace got his name -- How he started on his journey -- The St. Charles tavern -- The quadroon ball -- His opinion of farming -- The saga of Pecos Bill -- Old Stormalong, the deep-water sailorman -- Bowleg Bill: The crimping of Bowleg Bill -- Slickbritches the hoss-mackerel -- The skipper's bull bazzoon -- Paul Bunyan: Who made Paul Bunyan? -- The Round River drive -- The whistling river -- The bedcats -- Johnny Inkslinger -- Pipeline days and Paul Bunyan -- Febold Feboldson: Real American weather -- Why Febold went to California -- John Henry: John Henry, the hero -- John Henry (songs) -- The birth of John Henry -- Casey Jones: Casey Jones, engineer -- The "Casey Jones" song -- The saga of Joe Magarac, steelman -- Songs of Popeye -- "I cannot tell a lie" -- Honest Abe: The young store-keeper -- Spell "defied!" -- Working out a book -- Johnny Appleseed, a pioneer hero -- Making a noise in language, "an entire zoolgical institute" -- Strong Language: Fanciful, facetious, and factitious intensifying words -- Figurative expressions -- Animal comparisons -- Manifest destiny -- The proudest bird upon the mountain -- Speech on the Oregon question -- The wonder state -- Uncle Sam -- In the land of Dixie -- We will show you -- Nueces River Valley paradise -- We shall not want -- Going to God's country -- Beautiful and healthful Iowa -- The Kinkaiders -- A home on the range -- Hawley's yarn -- The first California booster story -- The abundant and luxuriant produce of the west -- The elephant -- Busted -- Disgusted -- Timid but wise -- I got busted -- A grasshopper was seen -- Hell on earth -- "Oklahoma rain" -- Dakota land -- The Lane County bachelor -- The state of Arkansas -- Mining localities peculiar to California -- "Hasty and grotesque" -- "Slops and parings of names: -- Not lovely but honest -- How Louse Creek was named -- "Bizarre and original place names" of Appalachia -- "Circuitous styles of expression" -- Ilinois as it was -- Hoosier -- Sucker -- The poorest ground you ever seen -- A poor country -- Hill-country wonders -- Dry country -- What they say on the plains -- From one extreme to another -- Hell in Texas -- In Kansas -- Salome, "where she danced" -- My frog -- Hot & Yumaresque -- The old Indian trail -- Duluth! -- The Arkansas traveler -- "Change the name of Arkansas? Hell, no!" -- From El Paso to San Antonio
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