Captive genders : trans embodiment and the prison industrial complex

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"Pathologized, terrorized, and confined, trans/gender non-conforming and queer folks have always struggled against the prison industrial complex. Eric A. Stanley and Nat Smith bring together curren...

"Pathologized, terrorized, and confined, trans/gender non-conforming and queer folks have always struggled against the prison industrial complex. Eric A. Stanley and Nat Smith bring together current and former prisoners, activists, and academics for a new understanding of how race, gender, ability, and sexuality are lived under the crushing weight of captivity. Through a politic of gender self-determination, this collection argues that trans/ queer liberation and prison abolition must be grown together. From rioting against police violence and critiquing hate crimes legislation, to prisoners demanding access to HIV medications, and far beyond, Captive Genders is a challenge for us all to join the struggle. This expanded second edition includes a new foreword from CeCe McDonald and essays by Chelsea Manning, Kalaniopua Young, and Janetta Louise Johnson and Toshio Meronek"--Publisher's description.

A Lambda Literary Award finalist, Captive Genders is a powerful tool against the prison industrial complex and for queer liberation. This expanded edition contains four new essays, including a foreword by CeCe McDonald and a new essay by Chelsea Manning. Eric Stanley is a postdoctoral fellow at UCSD. His writings appear in Social Text, American Quarterly, and Women and Performance, as well as various collections. Nat Smith works with Critical Resistance and the Trans/Variant and Intersex Justice Project. CeCe McDonald was unjustly incarcerated after fatally stabbing a transphobic attacker in 2011. She was released in 2014 after serving nineteen months for second-degree manslaughter.

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edited by Eric A. Stanley and Nat Smith
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  • Expanded second edition
  • Edinburgh, Scotland : AK Press, [2015]
  • ©2015
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  • Introduction. Fugitive flesh : gender, self-determination, queer abolition, and trans resistance / Eric A. Stanley -- Building an abolitionist trans & queer movement with everything we've got / Morgan Bassichis, Alexander Lee, Dean Spade -- "Street power" and the claiming of public space : San Francisco's "Vanguard" and pre-Stonewall queer radicalism / Jennifer Worley -- Brushes with Lily Law / Tommi Avicolli Mecca -- Looking back : the bathhouse raids in Toronto, 1981 / Nadia Guidotto -- From a native trans daughter : carceral refusal, settler colonialism, re-routing the roots of an indigenous abolitionist imaginary / Kalaniopua Young -- "Rounding up the homosexuals" : the impact of juvenile court on queer and trans/gender-non-conforming youth / Wesley Ware -- Hotel hell / Ralowe T. Ampu -- Regulatory sites : management, confinement, and HIV/AIDS / Michelle C. Velasquez-Potts -- Awful acts and the trouble with normal : a personal treatise on sex offenders / Erica R. Meiners -- How to make prisons disappear : queer immigrants, the shackles of love, and the invisibility of the prison industrial complex / Yasmin Nair -- Identities under siege : violence against transpersons of color / Lori Saffin -- On the intersection of the military and the prison industrial complex / Chelsea E. Manning -- Krystal is Kristopher and vice versa / Kristopher Shelley "Krystal" -- "The only freedom I can see" : imprisoned queer writing and the politics of the unimaginable / Stephen Dillon -- Being an incarcerated transperson : shouldn't people care? / Clifton Goring/Candi Raine Sweet -- Out of compliance : masculine-identified people in women's prisons / Lori Girshick -- My story / Paula Rae Witherspoon -- Exposure / Cholo -- No one enters like them : health, gender variance, and the PIC / blake nemec -- Custody's long shadow : reentry support as abolitionist work / Janetta Louise Johnson and Toshio Meronek -- Transforming carceral logics : 10 reasons to dismantle the prison industrial complex using a queer/trans analysis / S. Lambel -- Making it happen, mama : a conversation with Miss Major / Jayden Donahue -- gender wars : state changing shape, passing to play, & body of our movements / Vanessa Huang -- Maroon abolitionists : black gender-oppressed activists in the Anti-Prison Movement in the US and Canada / Julia Chinyere Oparah -- Abolitionist imaginings : a conversation with Bo Brown, Reina Gossett, and Dylan Rodriguez / Che Gossett -- Picturing the PIC exercise / Critical Resistance -- Questions for abolitionist work : 7 easy steps / Addressing the prison industrial complex : case studies / Nat Smith
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