Chemical Changes and Conservation of Matter

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  • How can the particle model account for what happens when two clear liquids are mixed together and they produce a milky-white solid? What happens when iron rusts? Where do the elements come from? In this session, participants extend the particle model by looking inside the particles, learn about some early chemical pioneers, and in the process discover how the law of conservation of matter applies even at the scale of atoms and molecules.


  • Originally released by Annenberg Learner, 2004.
  • Streaming video file encoded with permission for digital streaming by Infobase on November 06, 2018.
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  • Closed-captioned.


  • Introduction: Chemical Changes and Conservation of Matter (3:36); Mass, Volume, and Mixing Matter (4:02); Chemical and Physical Changes (1:58); Chemical Change, Mass, and Weight (6:33); Classification History (5:46); History of Compounds (4:06); Elements (4:32); Determining Chemical Construction (5:16); Soda and Vinegar (9:04); Conservation of Matter (8:00); Candle Experiment (2:35); Credits: Chemical Changes and Conservation of Matter (2:25)
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