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Reorganizing failing businesses : a comprehensive review and analysis of financial restructuring and business reorganization

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  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • Continues a loose-leaf publication with the same title.


  • Volume 1. Out-of-court restructuring or a Chapter 11 case : when and how to choose / Mark S. Chehi, Corali Lopez-Castro, Sarah E. Pierce, Mindy Y. Kubs -- Dealing with secured lenders / David Hillman, Mark Shinderman, Aaron Wernick -- Restructuring junior debt : dealing with junk bonds and exit consents / Jeanne P. Darcey, Walter H. Curchack -- Utilizing structured financing techniques / Leslie A. Berkoff, Krista L. Kulp -- Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code : a summary / Martin A. Sosland, Adam Langley, The Honorable Kevin Gross, Gregg M. Galardi -- Bankruptcy jurisdiction / Jennifer E. Duty -- Creditor and equity committees / Rafael X. Zahralddin-Aravena, Andrew I. Silfen, Jay Indyke -- Chapter 11 trustees and examiners / Albert Togut, Theodore J. Hartl -- Alternative dispute resolution : the role of mediators in bankruptcy cases / Mark E. Felger, Shelley Kinsella -- Financing a Chapter 11 case : debtor-in-possession financing / Susan M. Freeman, Jonathan P. Friedland, Justin J. Henderson, Ted A. Dillman, Peter M. Gilhuly, Elizabeth B. Vandesteeg -- Preferential and fraudulent transfers / Megan M. Adeyemo, Bruce J. Borrus -- Purchases of financially troubled companies or their assets / Megan M. Adeyemo -- Prepackaged Chapter 11 case considerations and techniques / Rafael X. Zahralddin-Aravena, Michael J. Roeschenthaler, Jonathan M. Stemerman -- Transnational restructurings and cross-border insolvencies / Honorable Samuel Bufford, Adam Maerov, Kelly McDonald -- Mass tort Chapter 11 cases / Robert B. Millner, Christopher D. Soper -- Special provisions relating to Chapter 11 airline cases / Paul Steven Singerman, Paul A. Avron -- Volume 2. Fiduciary duties of directors of financially troubled corporations / Chief Justice Myron T. Steele (Ret.), Rafael X. Zahralddin-Aravena, Kate Harmon -- United States securities laws implications of corporate restructurings / Aaron Hammer, Ethan M. Cohen, Mark S. Melickian, Eric M. Sutty -- Lender liability considerations / Bruce Buechler, Barry Z. Bazian, Kenneth A. Rosen -- Trading in debt securities : bankruptcy and securities laws implications / Douglas E. Spelfogel, Jonathan N. Halpern, Richard J. Bernard, Ben Bassoff, Stefan Canizares -- Derivatives / Jennifer Marines, John Pintarelli, Erica Richards, Kathleen Schaaf, Erik Schneider, Mark Berman, Michael Reed -- Real estate considerations / Kirk B. Burkley -- Addressing tax considerations in bankruptcies and workouts / Jeffrey M. Sklarz, Fran Sheehy, Howard Steinberg, Kimberly Lam, George Klidones -- Environmental considerations / Dion W. Hayes, John H. Maddock III, Kyle R. Hosmer -- Collective bargaining agreements, employee benefits, and executive compensation / Albert Togut, Neil Berger, Rafael X. Zahralddin-Aravena, Kate Harmon -- United States competition law considerations in corporate restructurings / J. Brent Justus, Patricia Smoots -- Treatment of intellectual property licenses in bankruptcy / John R. Knapp, Jr. -- Bankruptcy crimes / Andrew Vara, Kelly Stapleton, William Harrington -- Unique issues that arise in healthcare business bankruptcies / Samuel R. Maizel