China learns from the Soviet Union, 1949-present

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  • In this book an international group of scholars examines China's acceptance and ultimate rejection of Soviet models and practices in economic, cultural, social, and other realms.


  • Includes index.
  • English


  • Acknowledgments; Introduction: The Complexities of Learning from the Soviet Union; I THE UPS AND DOWNS OF SINO-SOVIET RELATIONS; 1 Sino-Soviet Relations during the Mao Years, 1949-1969; 2 The Main Causes for the Return of the Changchun Railway to China and Its Impact on Sino-Soviet Relations; 3 "Only a Handshake but No Embrace": Sino-Soviet Normalization in the 1980s; II IDEOLOGICAL AND MILITARY INFLUENCES; 4 Instilling Stalinism in Chinese Party Members: Absorbing Stalin's Short Course in the 1950s; 5 The Soviet Model and the Breakdown of the Military Alliance
  • III SOVIET ECONOMIC ASSISTANCE AND SOCIALIST TRANSFORMATION6 The Transplantation and Entrenchment of the Soviet Economic Model in China; 7 "Get Organized": The Impact of two Soviet Models on the CCP's Rural Strategy, 1949-19531; 8 The Soviet Model and China's State Farms; IV SOCIETY; 9 "Labor Is Glorious": Model Laborers in the People's Republic of China; 10 The Soviet Impact on "Gender Equality" in China in the 1950s*; V SOVIET INFLUENCE ON SCIENCE AND EDUCATION; 11 Soviet-Chinese Academic Interactions in the 1950s: Questioning the "Impact-Response" Approach
  • 12 "Three Blows of the Shoulder Pole": Soviet Experts at Chinese People's University, 1950-195713 Lysenkoism and the Suppression of Genetics in the PRC, 1949-1956; 14 Between Revolutions: Chinese Students in Soviet Institutes, 1948-1966; VI LITERATURE AND FILM; 15 Coming of Age in the Brave New World: The Changing Reception of How the Steel Was Tempered in the People's Republic of China1; 16 Film and Gender in Sino-Soviet Cultural Exchange, 1949-19691; VII THE ERA OF REFORM AND THE IMPACT OF THE SOVIET COLLAPSE; 17 China's Concurrent Debate about the Gorbachev Era
  • 18 The Fate of the Soviet Model of Multinational State-Building in the People's Republic of China119 The Influence of the Collapse of the Soviet Union on China's Political Choices; Concluding Assessment: The Soviet Impact on Chinese Society; Index; About the Contributors
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