Love and Power : The Influence of Ayn Rand-All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

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  • This fascinating program suggests that the publication of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged impacted American culture in ways that the author never intended - most notably due to one very influential fan. The video traces a philosophical line of descent from Rand's vision of "heroic individualism" to the Silicon Valley pioneers whom she greatly inspired, and who believed that her ideals might be realized through computer networks. Rand-follower Alan Greenspan later convinced the Clinton administration that digital technology could stabilize economies by automatically adjusting for risk, leading to the meltdown of financial markets worldwide. With economist Joseph Stiglitz, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, and Pixar cofounder Loren Carpenter.


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  • Introduction to Ayn Rand (1:33) -- Objectivism - Rational Self-Interest (1:54) -- Rand's Influence Begins to Spread (1:23) -- Silicon Valley - The Beginning of a Morally Exciting Enterprise (2:11) -- A Self-Stabilizing Society (1:15) -- What Happens Without Hierarchy? (3:02) -- Clinton and the Ideology of Planetary Consciousness (1:49) -- The Collective (2:05) -- 'Atlas Shrugged' (2:36) -- America's New Age of Stability (2:27) -- America's New Age of Stability (1:46) -- Ayn Rand in Love (3:26) -- The Power of Love (1:46) -- But Certain Things Were Being Kept from the President (1:59) -- U.S. Treasury as Agents of the Financial World (1:27) -- Collision of Love and Power (2:23) -- Crisis Spreads to Indonesia (2:03) -- Bailouts Rescue Western Investors, Devastate Economies (3:03) -- Power and Corruption in Markets (1:40) -- I've Made a Terrible Mistake (2:51) -- Greenspan's Rise to Power (1:52) -- Greenspan Cuts Rates (1:55) -- China Takes Control (2:02) -- Helpless Components in a Global System (2:46) -- Credits: Love and Power: The Influence of Ayn Rand-All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (0:35)
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