State of the world 2014 : governing for sustainability

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Foreword / David W. Orr -- Failing governance, unsustainable planet / Michael Renner and Tom Prugh -- Understanding governance / D. Conor Seyle and Matthew Wilburn King -- Governance, sustainability, and evolution / John M. Gowdy -- Ecoliteracy : knowledge is not enough / Monty Hempel -- Digitization and sustainability / Richard Worthington -- Living in the Anthropocene : business as usual, or compassionate retreat? / Peter G. Brown and Jeremy J. Schmidt -- Governing people as members of the Earth community / Cormac Cullinan -- Listening to the voices of young and future generations / Antoine Ebel and Tatiana Rinke -- Advancing ecological stewardship via the commons and human rights / David Bollier and Burns Weston -- Looking backward (not forward) to environmental justice / Aaron Sachs -- The too-polite revolution : understanding the failure to pass U.S. climate legislation / Petra Bartosiewicz and Marissa Miley -- China's environmental governance challenge / Sam Geall and Isabel Hilton -- Assessing the outcomes of Rio+20 / Maria Ivanova -- How local governments have become a factor in global sustainability / Monika Zimmermann -- Scrutinizing the corporate role in the post-2015 development agenda / Lou Pingeot -- Making finance serve the real economy / Thomas I. Palley -- Climate governance and the resource curse / Evan Musolino and Katie Auth -- The political-economic foundations of a sustainable system / Gar Alperovitz -- The rise of triple-bottom-line businesses / Colleen Cordes -- Working toward energy democracy / Sean Sweeney -- Take the wheel and steer! Trade unions and the just transition / Judith Gouverneur and Nina Netzer -- A call to engagement / Tom Prugh and Michael Renner