New traditional games for learning : a case book

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edited by Alex Moseley, Nicola Whitton
  • New York : Routledge, 2014
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  • x, 214 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780415815819, 0415815819, 9780415815840, 0415815843, 9780203597514, 0203597516

  • Includes bibliographical references and index.

  • Dicing with curricula: the creation of a board game to speed up the course creation process / Alex Moseley -- The Mutation Game--a versatile educational tool / Cas Kramer, Nicola Suter-Giorgini, Karen Moss, Eoin Gill and Sheila Donegan -- Three boys and a chess set / Fiona Trapani and Elizabeth Hinds -- Game-based learning as a vehicle to teach and assess first aid competencies / Nathalie Charlier -- A game of phones--design, development and delivery case study / Kris Rockwell and Alicia Sanchez -- From idea to product--a board game for preschoolers / Päivi Marjanen and Ilkka Mönkkönen -- Adventure initiative games: playing towards social competence / Jule Hildmann -- An artist's approach to board games / Sam Ingleson -- Simulation game: taking the horses to water / Ivar Männamaa -- Larps in high schools / J. Tuomas Harviainen and Ritva Savonsaari -- War of Worlds--an interactive board game about life beyond Earth / Barbara Ottolini and Cas Kramer -- Contexts and concepts: crafty ways to consider challenging topics / Claire Hamshire and Rachel Forsyth -- Building Soma: the development, release and postmortem of Healing Blade, a novel infectious disease card battle game / Arun Mathews -- Designing card and board games / Alan Paull
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