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A new history of social welfare

Day, Phyllis J. author

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  • Creator Phyllis J. Day ; with Jerome H. Schiele
  • Format Books
  • Contributors
  • Publication Seventh edition. Boston : Pearson Education, [2013]
  • Series
  • Physical Details
    • xxi, 529 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm
  • ISBNs 9780205052738, 0205052738, 9780205053650, 0205053653, 9780205053117, 0205053114
  • OCLC ocn809056057, ocn782252412


  • "Student edition."
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Machine generated contents note: 1.Values In Social Welfare -- Values in Social Welfare -- What Are Values? -- Foundations of Charity and Control -- Dominant American Social Values -- Judaeo-Christian Charity Values -- Democratic Egalitarianism and Individualism -- The Protestant Work Ethic and Capitalism -- Social Darwinism -- The New Puritanism -- Patriarchy -- White Privilege -- Marriage and the Nuclear Family -- The "American Ideal": "Looksism" and "Otherism" -- Issues of Discrimination -- Classism and Poverty -- Institutional Discrimination -- Conclusion: Values and Power -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 2.The Institution of Social Welfare: An Overview -- The Meaning of Social Institution -- The Economy -- The Polity -- The Family and Religion -- Social Welfare -- Perspectives on Social Welfare -- The Residual Perspective -- The Institutional Perspective -- Newer Perspectives in Social Welfare -- The Scope of Social Welfare
  • Note continued: Life Necessity Services: Overview -- Educational, Recreational. or Rehabilitative Services: Overview -- Protective or Custodial Services: Overview -- Personal Social Services: Overview -- The Profession of Social Work -- The Emergence of the Profession -- Conclusion: Social Work and Social Control -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 3.The Beginnings of Social Welfare -- The Beginnings of History 6000-1200 B.C.E. -- Africa: Birthplace of Humankind -- Mesopotamia in the Bronze Age: To 1200 B.C.E. -- Invasion, Conquest. and Patriarchal Religion -- The Israelite Influence -- Moving Into The Iron Age: 1200-400 B.C.E. -- Early Judaic Social Welfare -- The Dynasties of China -- India and the Caste System -- Greece, Christianity, and the Roman Empire -- Greece and the City-States -- Early Roman Society and the Beginning of Christianity -- Jesus and the New Religion -- State and Church in Rome -- Conclusion: Beginnings of Charity and Control
  • Note continued: Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 4.Feudalism and the Welfare State -- The Dark and Middle Ages -- The Feudal Society -- The Scientific Revolution -- The Church and Social Welfare -- Forms of Private Welfare -- The Dissolution of Feudalism -- The Black Death and the Witchcraze -- Poverty Becomes a Crime -- The Statute of Laborers -- The Commercial Revolution -- The Protestant Reformation: New Meanings for Work and Welfare -- Lutheranism, Calvinism, and the Work Ethic -- Women Under Protestantism -- Social Welfare and Work Morality -- Social Welfare in England: The Tudor Period -- The Elizabethan Poor Laws of 1601 -- Almshouses for the Impotent Poor -- Dependent Children -- Sturdy Beggars: The Able-Bodied Poor -- Prisons -- Overview of Social Welfare in England -- The Industrial Revolution and the Emergence of Capitalism -- The Emergence of Capitalism -- The Industrial Revolution and the New Poor Law
  • Note continued: Conclusion: Reifying the Values of the Past -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 5.Social Welfare Moves to the Americas -- The Indigenous Peoples of America -- The European Invasion of North America -- The French in the New World -- The Spanish in the New World -- The Dutch in North America -- The English in New England -- Work in North America -- The Practice of Indenture -- Women in the Colonies -- Social Welfare in the Colonies -- Early American Poor Laws -- Private Philanthropy -- Slavery in the Americas -- The Golden Triangle and the Triangular Trade -- Toward the Revolution -- Women in the Revolution -- The New Nation and its Constitution -- Conclusion: Revolution to Status Quo -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 6.America to the Civil War -- The First Civil Rights Movement -- Immigration and Migration -- Employment and Unionization -- Private Philanthropy -- Religious Answers to Poverty -- Social Reform Ideals
  • Note continued: The Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor -- Special-Interest Charities -- Government Responses -- Outdoor Relief -- Special Treatment in the 1800s -- Medical Care and General Hospitals -- Mental Hospitals and Psychiatry -- Education -- Care of Blind, Deaf, and Developmentally Disabled People -- Social Control -- Juvenile Justice Systems -- Adult Criminals and Penitentiaries -- Nonwhite Minorities: Expendable Commodities in the New Nation -- Native Americans: A Case of Genocide -- Chinese in America -- The Contributions of People of African Descent -- Hispanic Americans -- The Women's Movement in the 1800s -- Conclusion: Working toward Freedom -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 7.The American Welfare State Begins -- The Civil War: A New Nation Emerges -- Charity in the Civil War -- After the Civil War -- The Freedmen's Bureau -- Services for Veterans -- Postwar Political Economy -- Labor and Unionization
  • Note continued: Population, Immigration, and the People -- White Immigration, African-American Migration -- Asian Immigrants -- Native Americans After the War -- Emancipation and the Plight of the Freedmen -- "True Womanhood" -- Emerging Philosophies and Social Welfare -- Social Darwinism and the Charity Organization Society -- Private Interest Agencies -- Populism and the Settlement House Movement -- Child-Saving -- Public Welfare Efforts -- Professionalization of Social Work -- Conclusion: Moving toward Reform -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 8.The Progressive Era, War, and Recovery -- The Progressive Era -- Population Movements and Immigration -- Immigration Acts -- Oppression of African Americans and Native Americans -- African-American Leaders -- Native Americans -- Labor and the Unions -- Women and Unions -- Social Welfare in the Progressive Era -- Reforms for Children -- Medical and Psychiatric Social Work -- Veterans' Welfare
  • Note continued: Aid to Blind People and Aid to People with Disabilities -- Old Age Assistance -- Unemployment Insurance and Workers' Compensation -- Juvenile and Criminal Justice -- Women's Movements and Peace Protests -- Suffrage -- Women and Health -- Abortion and Contraception -- The Professionalization of Social Work -- Conclusion: New Freedoms and Old Constraints -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 9.The Great Depression and Social Security for Americans -- The Great Depression -- Social Revolt and Temporary Relief -- Roosevelt's Emergency Measures -- Eleanor Roosevelt and Women in the New Deal -- Social Insurance in the United States -- Programs of Social Insurance Based on Social Security Acts -- Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) -- Unemployment Compensation: Title III -- Workers' Compensation: State Social Insurance -- Public Assistance Programs of the Social Security Acts -- Old Age Assistance (OAA)
  • Note continued: Aid to the Blind (AB) and Aid to the Disabled (AD) -- Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) -- Maternal and Child Welfare Act: Title V -- The Professionalization of Social Work -- World War II -- Internment of Japanese Americans -- The War Years -- The War and People of Minorities -- Social Welfare Services: The War and After -- Women After the War -- The Resurgence of Social Work -- Reorganizing Federal Social Welfare Efforts -- The American Dream -- Conclusion: Moving Toward the Future -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 10.Civil and Welfare Rights in the New Reform Era -- The State of the Nation Under Eisenhower -- Social Programs in the 1950s -- Social Insurance -- Public Assistance -- Civil Rights Before Kennedy -- African Americans -- Native Americans -- Hispanic Americans -- Chinese Americans -- Civil Rights in the Kennedy-Johnson Years -- Johnson and the Great Society -- The Civil Rights Act and Continued Protest
  • Note continued: The Voting Rights Act and New Legal Rights -- Social Programs in the Kennedy-Johnson Years -- Kennedy's Social Security Amendments -- The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 -- Programs Amended Under Johnson -- Other Kennedy-Johnson Social Programs -- Welfare, Civil Rights, and the Social Work Profession -- Conclusion: Looking Back on the 1960s -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 11.The Return to the Past -- A Retreat From the Welfare State -- Social Programs in the 1970s -- Social Insurance -- Public Assistance Programs -- Other Social Welfare Programs -- Food Stamps -- Comprehensive Education and Training Act (CETA) -- Education and Youth Programs -- Housing -- Juvenile Protection and Adult Corrections -- Civil Rights in the 1970s -- Native Americans -- Japanese Americans -- Other Asian Americans -- Mexican Americans -- Puerto Ricans and Cubans -- African Americans -- Women -- Gay Liberation -- Conclusion: Tightening the Reins
  • Note continued: Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 12.The Reactionary Vision -- Biting The Conservative Bullet -- Reaganomics: The Conservative Political Economy -- The New Federalism -- Privatization -- New Federalism: Returning Programs to States -- Pruning the Programs -- Old Age, Survivors, Disability, and Health Insurance -- Unemployment Insurance and the New Poor -- Public Assistance Programs -- The Family Support Act (FSA) of 1988 -- Basic Needs Programs -- Reaganomics and Nutrition -- Reaganomics and Health Care -- Housing in the 1980s -- Education and Training -- Civil Rights Under Reagan and Bush -- The Costs of Social Welfare -- Estimating Poverty -- How Much Did Welfare Cost in the Reagan Era? -- The International Element -- Conclusion: Past Ideology in a Postindustrial World -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 13.The Decline of Social Responsibility -- Clinton and the Republican Congress -- Welfare As We Knew It
  • Note continued: The "Contract with America" -- Restructuring Public Assistance: Losing the Safety Net -- The Structure of TANF -- The Place of Values in TANF -- Did TANF Work? -- Other Safety Net Programs in the Clinton Era -- Supplemental Security Income (SSI) -- Earned Income Tax Credits (EITCs) and Child and Dependent Care Credits (CDCCs) -- Social Insurance -- Nutrition Programs: Food Stamps, WIC, and Child Nutrition -- Homelessness and Housing -- Health Care in America -- Health Insurance -- Medicare -- Medicaid -- Social Issues -- Empowerment Enterprise Zones -- Crime Control -- Education -- Employment and Jobs -- Affirmative Action and Civil Rights -- Private Charity -- Welfare for the Wealthy and Corporate Welfare -- Capital Assets and Tax Cuts -- Corporate Welfare -- Globalization, the International Economy, and American Social Welfare -- Conclusion -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 14.Spiraling Down to Welfare Past -- The Bush/Cheney Presidency
  • Note continued: Oil and War -- Religion and the Presidency -- The Conservative Economy and Poverty -- Social Welfare in the Bush/Cheney Administration -- Faith-Based Initiatives -- Levels of Income Security -- The First Level: Employment -- The Second Level: Social Insurance -- The Third Level: Public Assistance Programs -- Health Care Under the Bush/Cheney Presidency -- Medicare -- Medicaid -- State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) -- Other Health Programs and Issues -- Education -- Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems -- Juvenile Justice -- Criminal Justice System -- Our "Ism-Ridden" Society -- Racism -- Sexism in the United States -- Conclusion: Where are the Social Workers? -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections -- 15.Political Stonewalls -- The Bitter Remnants of the Bush Administration -- The Historical Significance of the 2008 -- Election -- The Economic Morass -- Social Welfare in the Obama Administration
  • Note continued: Obama's Signature Acts: Health Care and Stimulus Acts -- Unemployment, Homelessness, and Housing -- Human Rights and Justice -- Social Issues and Vulnerable Populations -- Women -- People of Color -- LGBT Persons -- The Elderly and Disabled -- Portending the Future -- Tea Party Movement -- Mid-Term Elections -- The Arab Spring -- Social Work and the Obama Administration -- The World in Turmoil -- Conclusion: Afterword -- Cycles of Power -- Cycles of History -- The "Why" of Values Analysis -- Toward the Future -- Practice Test -- Mysearchlab Connections
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