Intellectual property and information wealth : issues and practices in the digital age

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edited by Peter K. Yu
  • Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, 2007
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  • 4 volumes : illustrations ; 25 cm
0275988821, 9780275988821, 027598883X, 9780275988838, 0275988848, 9780275988845, 0275988856, 9780275988852, 0275988864, 9780275988869

  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

  • v. 1. Copyright and related rights. Originality and creativity in copyright law / Russ VerSteeg ; Copyright and borrowing / Olufunmilayo B. Arewa ; Who is an author? / Mary LaFrance ; Employers as authors : copyrights in works made for hire / Deborah Tussey ; Narrative's implications for moral rights in the United States / Roberta Rosenthal Kwall ; Intellectual property and fashion design / Susan Scafidi ; Copyright duration : theories and practice / Tyler T. Ochoa ; Understanding the complexity of music copyrights in the United States / Lydia Pallas Loren ; Fair use and social practices / Michael J. Madison ; Copynorms : copyright law and social norms / Mark F. Schultz ; Twenty-first century libraries and copyright / Laura N. Gasaway ; Creating in the shadow of the law : media fans and intellectual property / Rebecca Tushnet ; The evolving doctrine of copyright misuse / Brett Frischmann and Daniel Moylan ; Finding safe harbors for speech : internet service providers and copyright law / Matt Jackson ; To observe and protect? : how digital rights management systems threaten privacy and what policymakers should do about it / Ian Kerr ; The propertization of copyright / Michael A. Carrier ; Concentration in the copyright industries / Ronald V. Bettig ; What the treatment of African American artists can teach about copyright law / K.J. Greene ; Virtual property and the overextension of copyright licensing online / Joshua A.T. Fairfield ; Open source software and information wealth / Greg R. Vetter ; Creative commons as conversational copyright / Michael W. Carroll --
  • v. 2. Patents and trade secrets. Nonobviousness : looking back and looking ahead / Joseph Scott Miller ; Nonobviousness as an exercise in gap measuring / Christopher A. Cotropia ; The risks of early commercialization of an invention : the on-sale bar to patentability / Timothy R. Holbrook ; Patent protection under the modern doctrine of equivalents and implied disclaimer doctrines / Joshua D. Sarnoff ; When the same patent means different things in different jurisdictions : a comparative analysis of patent interpretation / Michael D. Pendleton ; The research exemption to patent infringement : the delicate balance between current and future technical progress / Katherine J. Strandburg ; Patent misuse : from inception to modern case law / Robin C. Feldman ; Patent infringement remedies / Lawrence M. Sung ; Lessons for patent policy from empirical research on patent litigation / James Bessen and Michael J. Meurer ; Taking stock of the U.S. patent system / Jay P. Kesan ; Seed wars : controversies over access to and control of plant genetic resources / Keith Aoki and Kennedy Luvai ; The intended and unintended consequences of the Bayh-Dole Act / Michael S. Mireles, Jr. ; Reassessing the anticommons debate in light of biotechnology patent trends / David E. Adelman ; A global controversy : the role of morality in biotechnology patent law / Margo A. Bagley ; Human genome patenting and its implications for medical research / Yahong Li ; Software patents : the evolution of the useful arts / Richard S. Gruner ; The Cinderella of intellectual property law : trade secrets / Sharon K. Sandeen ; Intellectual property financing : the intersection of intellectual property and secured transactions / Xuan-Thao Nguyen ; Patent donations and tax policy / Xuan-Thao Nguyen and Jeffrey A. Maine --
  • v. 3. Trademark and unfair competition. Search and persuasion in trademark law / Barton Beebe ; Consumer-confusion analysis and judicial subjectivity in trademark law / Ann Bartow ; Initial interest confusion : the diversion of trademark law / Jennifer E. Rothman ; Trademarking the immoral and scandalous : Sec. 2(a) of the Lanham Act / Llewellyn Joseph Gibbons ; First Amendment limitations on trademark rights / Lisa P. Ramsey ; A critical analysis of the doctrine of naked licenses in trademark law / Irene Calboli ; Authorship and trademark law / Laura A. Heymann ; What's the frequency, Kenneth? : Channeling doctrines in intellectual property / Mark P. McKenna ; The territoriality of United States trademark law / Graeme W. Austin ; International recognition and protection of famous and well-known marks / Frederick Mostert ; Trademark dilution and the evolution of trademark law / David S. Welkowitz ; The myth of trademark "harmonization" / Kenneth L. Port ; Distinctive designs and functional products : limitations on the protection of trade dress under trademark law / Lars S. Smith ; Personality as property : the uneasy case for publicity rights / Michael Madow ; Names as domains, names as marks : issues concerning the interface between internet domain names and trademark rights / Zohar Efroni ; Taxing trademarks and domain names / Xuan-Thao Nguyen and Jeffrey A. Maine --
  • v. 4. International intellectual property law and policy. The architecture of the international intellectual property system / Graeme B. Dinwoodie ; The TRIPS Agreement and the Doha Round : history and impact on economic development / Daniel J. Gervais ; Five disharmonizing trends in the international intellectual property regime / Peter K. Yu ; Beyond FTA negotiations : implementing the new generation of intellectual property obligations / David Vivas Eugui and Johanna von Braun ; Doing deals with Al Capone : paying protection money for intellectual property in the global knowledge economy / Peter Drahos ; The economics of global intellectual property and economic development : a survey / Keith E. Maskus ; The role of intellectual property in promoting international trade and foreign direct investment / Daniel Chow ; Enforcement and protection : internal and external considerations / Timothy P. Trainer ; Recognizing authority in the marketplace : the curious and ubiquitous problem of gray markets / Shubha Ghosh ; International intellectual property, conflicts of laws, and internet remedies / Paul Edward Geller ; The EC duration directive : an example of the complexity of EC copyright harmonization / Silke von Lewinski ; Slice of Parma ham : understanding the protection of geographical indications / Dwijen Rangnekar ; Across the pond and back again : digital database protection in the European Union and the United States / Jacqueline D. Lipton ; Intellectual property, biological resources, and traditional knowledge / Graham Dutfield ; Of plant variety protection, agricultural subsidies, and the WTO / Srividhya Ragavan ; Indigenous peoples and emerging protections for traditional knowledge / Angela R. Riley ; Approaches to accessing essential medicines and the TRIPS Agreement / James Thuo Gathii ; Resistance in a digital world / Debora J. Halbert ; The romance of the public domain / Anupam Chander and Madhavi Sunder
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