Bulletin of the United States Geological Survey of the Territories F.V. Hayden, geologist-in-charge. 1874 and 1875[-1882] Vol.I[-IV]

Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories (U.S.)

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  • "The first and second bulletins, which appeared in 1874, are separately paged pamphlets ... constituting a 'First series' of the publication. Bulletins which appeared in 1875, being those of a 'Second series' and six in number, are continously paged. With no. 6 were issued title, contents, index, & c., for all the numbers of both 'series' which had then appeared; the design being that these should together constitute volume I, in order that the inconvenient distinction of 'series' might be dropped."-- v.6, prefatory note
  • Vols. 2-4 (1876-78) annual, each volume consisting of 4 consecutively paged numbers. Vols. 5-6 (1880-82) biennial, v.5 containing 4 consecutively paged numbers and v.6, 3 consecutively paged numbers
  • List of bulletins, with contents of each and author and subject index may be found in "Catalogue and index of the publications of the Hayden, King, Powell, and Wheeler surveys ... by L.F. Scmeckebier. 1904." (U.S. Geological survey. Bulletin no. 222)

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