GNIS : geographic names information system : digital gazetteer


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  • Database for feature names authorized by U.S. Board on Geographic Names; includes information on place names, features, and areas in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and territories and outlying areas of the United States, and <1999-> Antarctica.


  • "Software by Dataware."
  • "US GeoData"--199 -199 .
  • Includes National geographic names data base, National topographic map names data base, and Reference data base.
  • Description based on: Feb. 1995; title from disc label.
  • Contents available with updates in online searchable database via Internet at the USGS web site. Address as of 6/21/99:; current access is available via PURL.
  • System requirements: IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible computer with 512 KB memory (minimum 384K free memory), 20 MB hard disk drive, CD-ROM drive with appropriate controller, interface cable with High Sierra or ISO 9660 compatible device driver, MS-DOS 3.0 or higher, Microsoft Extensions, graphic display device such as Super VGA, and graphic printer.

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