The political censor, or Monthly review of the most interesting political occurrences, relative to the United States of America. By Peter Porcupine


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  • 'Peter Porcupine' = William Cobbett.
  • Portion of title repeated as caption, with date of issue.
  • September 1796 issue has variant title.
  • Imprint includes year of publication.
  • Imprints vary; Sept. 1796 reads in part: "Printed for, and sold by, William Cobbett".
  • Originally issued in wrappers; note on Mar. 1796 wrapper reads in part: "This work will be published on the last day of every month. Six Censors will make a volume, the sixth will ... contain a general index and table of contents."
  • Text of Mar. to May issues has continuous pagination, apart from preliminary leaves; Sept. issue paginated separately.
  • Includes reports and commentary on the political situation in the United States. Author is anti-democratic, anti-French, anti-Thomas Paine. Sept. issue includes excerpts from George Chalmers' hostile biography of Paine. Note in the Sept. issue reads in part: "The history of Jacobinism will be published in the course of the next month [i.e. Oct. 1796], after which, the Political censor will be continued monthly, without interruption."
  • Reproduction of original from British Library.
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  • Monthly numbers Mar.-May 1796 appeared in two further editions, published by Cobbett; Sept. 1796 reprinted in 1797.
  • Continued in Nov. 1796 by: Porcupine's Political censor.

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