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  • 1321. American Law Institute Library (Hein Online)

    The American Law Institute Library is home to a range of scholarly work that examines and clarifies the law, as annotated and written by a collection of judges and lawyers. The library includes Restatements, model statutes, principles of the law, Uniform Commerical Code and many more. Users can search by title, keyword, subject or across all the titles. (Updates unknown)
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  • 1322. Literature Criticism Online

    Database features modern and historical views on authors and their works across regions, eras and genres including materials from broadsheets, pamphlets, encyclopedias, books and periodicals. This includes the content from the print reference titles: Contemporary Literary Criticism, Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism, Shakespearean Criticism, Literature Criticism from 1400–1800, Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism, Poetry Criticism, Children's Literature Review, Short Story Criticism, and Drama Criticism.
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