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  • 1. LIBRIS Nationella Bibliothekssystem: Special Databases

    Includes the Swedish National Bibliographies of Monographs and Periodicals, as well as specialized bibliographies of Swedish history, music, ethnology and anthropology, education, and other subjects. (Updates vary)
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  • 2. Dreyfus Affair in the Making of Modern France (1894-1908)

    In 1894, Alfred Dreyfus, a French officer of Jewish descent, was convicted of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment. This collection concerning the Dreyfus affair represents the largest outside of France, and is sourced from Harvard’s Houghton Library. It covers the controversy from Dreyfus' humiliating arrest in 1894 to 1908, the year Emile Zola's ashes were transferred to the Pantheon with ceremonial reverence. Comprising over 1,000 volumes, the collection contains all the well-known Dreyfus publications, such as Zola's 1898 newspaper article "J'accuse," as well as rarely seen archival materials. Documents from many different countries and all sides of the controversy reflect the depth and breadth of attention the Dreyfus Affair generated at the turn of the 19th century. The Dreyfus Affair in the Making of Modern France includes: • Most titles listed in the Desachy bibliography –the Dreyfus reference standard for the period 1894-1904 • Predominantly French language materials, with items also in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish • Works by the principal figures: Bernard Lazare, Georges Clemenceau, Maurice Barres, Emile Zola, Jean Jaurès, Alfred Dreyfus, Yves Guyot, Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy, Francis de Pressensé, Emile Duclaux, Abbé Pichot, Louis Havet, Jules Lemaître, as well as hundreds of lesser known authors • Monographs, pamphlets, newspaper clippings and cartoons • Independently published stenographic transcripts of all the major trials.
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  • 3. Svenska Akademiens ordbok

    This is the online version of the Swedish Academy's authoritative and historically oriented(covering 800 CE to the present) dictionary of the Swedish language, Ordbok over svenska språket. It allows searching by main entry (Uppslagsord), etymology, subject domain (Fackområde; menu-driven), combinations (including chronological searching), and free-text (Fritextsökning; for example, as a concordance), plus searching in the dictionary bibliographic database. (Updates vary)
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  • 4. Project Runeberg

    Project Runeberg is a Swedish-centered, volunteer-based project that offers in HTML format more than 200 original-language classic works of Nordic literature, music, and the history of science, plus selected texts in Swedish law and in other disciplines. Works represent Sweden (the bulk of the offerings thus far), Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. The site also provides biographical information and links to additional reading, to other text sites, and to other electronic text projects. This is a large and complex site under continuous development. The home page lists additions year by year, but better access is provided through the subject (tema) index and through the alphabetical list of offerings. There is also an author/title search page with links at the bottom to the online catalogs of the Swedish, Danish, and Finnish national libraries and to the Norwegian universities union catalog (BIBSYS). (Updates vary)
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  • 5. Gerritsen Collection: Women's History Online

    The Gerritsen Collection contains the full text of over 4,700 publications from around the world documenting the condition of women, the evolution of feminist consciousness, and women's rights. The collection consists of books, monographs, pamphlets, and periodicals primarily in English with German, French, and Dutch-language materials strongly represented. Other languages included are Italian, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Slavic, and Scandinavian. The full text of documents can be searched by keyword and Boolean operators. Records are linked to corresponding page images. (Not updated)
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  • 6. Making of the Modern World I & II (1450-1914), The

    This wide-ranging collection looks at history through the lens of wealth and trade with a focus on economics in the widest sense, including political science, history, philosophy, sociology, and special collections on banking, finance, transportation and manufacturing. The Making of the Modern World: Part I: The Goldsmiths’-Kress Collection, 1450-1850 includes: multiple editions of the major works of many economists, political pamphlets and broadsides, government publications, proclamations, and ephemera; there are first editions--in many instances, The Making of the Modern World has the only known copy of certain works. The database contains non-English titles--with more than 35% of the content in non-English languages — including texts in French, German and other languages. With approximately 5,000 titles and 1.2 million pages, The Making of Modern World, Part II: 1851-1914 takes the series into the early 20th century and is comprised mainly of monographs, reports, correspondence, speeches, and surveys, providing international coverage of social, economic, and business history, as well as political science, technology, industrialization and the birth of the modern corporation. Roughly 50% percent of Part II is comprised of rare titles in languages other than English including French, German, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Italian and Spanish. It provides a glimpse into the second half of the 19th century and the global events and crises that were witnessed by those living them. Archives providing materials for Part I include: the Goldsmiths’ Library of Economic Literature at the University of London, England, the Kress Collection of Business and Economics at Harvard Business School, with supplementary materials obtained from the Seligman Collection in the Butler Library at Columbia University and Sterling Library at Yale University. Part II has been sourced from the Goldsmiths’ Library of Economic Literature, Senate House Library, University of London; the Seligman Collections at Columbia University and Hiroshima University of Economics; and the History of Economics Collection at the University of Kansas. (Not updated)
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  • 7. KVINNSAM - Women's, Men's and Gender Studies

    Kvinnsam is an interdisciplinary scholarly index on women and gender, containing citations in English, Swedish and many other languages. If the page appears in Swedish, click on "English" at top of the page. Kvinnsam is produced by the Women's History Collections Department at Göteborg University Library, Sweden, and is mounted through LIBRIS, the Swedish National Database. The references consist of books, journals, articles, chapters, pamphlets, dissertations, research reports, etc., and most are from the 1970s to the present. Subject headings and field tags are in English; keyword searches in other languages retrieve titles in those languages. A list of subject headings is at (Click on "In English," if the page loads in Swedish.) Kvinnsam is a useful database for advanced researchers doing comprehensive searching for citations in various languages.
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  • 8. Ethnic NewsWatch

    Ethnic NewsWatch (ENW) features newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic and minority press, providing researchers access to essential, often overlooked perspectives. With titles dating from 1990, ENW presents a comprehensive, full-text collection of more than 1.8 million articles from more than 315 publications offering both national and regional coverage. While the content may mirror mainstream media coverage, the viewpoints are decidedly unique. Ethnic NewsWatch delivers hundreds of important ethnic press publications. The voices of the Asian-American, Jewish, African-American, Native-American, Arab-American, Eastern-European, and multi-ethnic communities can be heard. Titles include Kurdish Life, Asian Week, Jewish Exponent, Seminole Tribune, Appalachian Heritage, The Boston Irish Reporter, Chinese America, The Filipino Express, Hmong Times, and many more. A majority of this content is exclusive to ENW and not available in any other database. Of the more than 1.8 million articles contained in the collection, nearly a quarter are presented in Spanish, making ENW an unmatched bilingual diversity database. Dozens of major Latino publications are featured, including El Nuevo Herald, and El Andar. As a complement to this wealth of untranslated titles, help options and screen assists are also available in Spanish. Ethnic NewsWatch: A History provides older years of newspaper coverage from 1960-1989.
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