Visual display of the Phil Sheridan (Packet, 1866-1876)

Phil Sheridan (Packet, 1866-1876)

  • BOAT TYPE: Packet
  • BUILT: Cincinnati, Ohio, 1866
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Sank in 1876 and was dismantled at La Crosse, Wisconsin circa 1882
  • OWNERS: Captain Charles Muhleman; Davidson Line; White Collar Line; Northern Line
  • OFFICERS & CREW: 1866: Captain Charles Muhleman (master), Chris G. Young and Charles Knox (clerks), George Wright and James Hall (engineers), Amos Davis and Phil Anshutz (pilots), Col Harlan (mate), Henry Habermehl (steward); James R. Hatcher (master, 1867); 1868: Judson T. West (master), William R. Tibbals (pilot), James Canon (pilot), William Simpson (clerk); 1870: E. V. Holcombe (master), John Shouse and Lon Bryson (pilots), Walter E. Dill (first clerk), Hank Terrell (second clerk); William Fisher (pilot, 1871); W. W. Kinnear (master, 1872); Charles Spender (clerk, 1872); Captain Abe Hutchinson (master)
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River; Ohio River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 4480; Came out in the Wheeling-Cincinnati trade under the command of Captain Charles Muhleman, leaving Wheeling on Saturday in competition with the sidewheel packet C. E. Hillman. She made good speed on her trial trip, leaving Cincinnati January 20, 1866. In March Captain Muhleman agreed to sell her to Captain P. S. Davidson of the Davidson Line, asking one week's time to get a boat to replace her. On this last round trip to Wheeling she hit a storm at Straight Creek below Dover, Kentucky on March 20, 1866, lost her smoke stacks overboard, with damage of $1,500, and was delivered to the Davidson Line the next week, following repairs. The Davidsons took her to upper Mississippi River and her speed made a name for her as the fastest boat in the St. Louis-St. Paul trade. She came back to the upper Ohio River one more time, arriving at Pittsburgh March 25, 1870, and loaded for a direct trip to St. Paul, under the command of Captain E. V. Holcombe. In 1876, while on the marine ways for repairs at La Crosse, Wisconsin, the cradles gave way and she sank and was dismantled there. Her machinery went to the Belle of Minnetonka, and, after that, to the Yukon River packet Susie
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