Ossians' serenade

  • August 9, 1941
  • Old English or Irish
  • This recorder learned the song from her English mother, but because of its title believes it to be of Irish origin.
  • Ossian was legendary Gaelic bard and hero of the third century. His poetry was called Fenian poetry and Fenian is the name of the old inhabitants of Ireland. In Gaelic legend, the name signified one of a band of heroes forming a kind of soldiery or chivalric order. Its leader was Finn and among its more famous members were his two sons, Fergus the bard, and Ossian, who lived with a fairy 300 years and then returned to Ireland to find all his companions perished and to change from a youth to a decrepit old man when he sat foot upon his native soil. The Ossianic songs pertain to a cycle of tales and poems dealing with him and his father.
  • In 1762-63 James McPhearson published both rhythmic prose and poetry purporting to be a translation of the poems of Ossian and it is conceivable that this might have been taken from one of them.
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Bundy, Winifred, b. 1884?
  • August 9, 1941
  • English
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