T"I. harles M. KikAtriok
Dept. of Forestry anid Consmrvation
h'rdue Univ'ersity
Iafayette, Indiana
Dear Kir:
Thanka a million for the photographs of the
r  e are atter tim  to make t small
colleotion of just that kind of n photograph.
Under separate cover rw are sending you photo-
grpas 2 and 3. 'uember 4 'print will be delayed
until we hve a sufficiently large order for the
co 1mercial photograpnhewr that is printin  thei.
'e will send it on to you at that time.
As far as the reprints are ooneerned, Kirk, if
you ea.n give me somm idea as to which ones you
would l1ik, I will do my bent to get those that
ar~ availab  for you.
Best regards,
aARCCapM                    Robert A, Modabe