New Soils Buildinig
June 19. A934
Mr. T. 1R. Kelly
The Maccabees
757 North Broadway
Milaakee, isconsin
Dear Mr. Kelly:
The first thing to deteraine in your son's case
is whether the College will admit him on graduate status
on tCe basis of his "t. Union di'po:ia. This can be  iter-
mined by earitting his underrat eo recori to )e-n 1. L.
Baldwin, Ari cultural Ial.
The course mhici no offer in  aio r:lsuaeent is
not a professional course, but rather merely a course of.
lectures fCor the informAtion of biological students
specializing in other line's, le do, however, offer gradu-
ate research work in gme anagemrent, rhieh ordinarily
covers a minimum period of three years. Whether your son
would be qualified to undert,ake such work I can only tell
on the basis of a personal interview. I am anxious to be
of any asaiatance to you thdt I can and will be glad to have
you drop in. It will be well for you to phone in advance to
make sure that I am in town.
A prospectus of the lecture coure is analosed.
Yours sincerely,
In Charge, Game Researeh