Copy to Mr. King
(Recreation Magasine, 1906)
Digest of
"The Vntighgrar rair ieEq"
3y Clate Tian
p.1   5,000,00 Prairie Chickens estimated killed in Nebraska "a few
years hence" of which 4,000,0O0 for market.
p.2   "The true pinnated grouse is never found, except where man has
broken the sod, sown the wheat, and dotted the prairies with
groves of trees.*
p.3   600 chickens killed in 10 days in 1872 in McLean Co., Ill. by
Capt. A. H. Bogardus and Miles Johnson. 50 birds per gun per day
considered "good hunting."
inter Rangis  "large flocks - -    during winter - - - in the
ianense cornfields of S. W. Iown, though a fair days sport on
them during the open season is unknon."
p.4    fackll *In localities where the birds a-e really scarce the
number which will gather into what westerners call a "pack* is
really remarkable, every grouse in the country seemingly having
his foliows."  (These packs can be made to be by repeated
p.5   *It is a bird that increases with the first stages of civiliation,
pauses with the second, and disappears with the third."