Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

flirhtrd L. Allen

May 24, 1348

Peggy and I have finally found a place to live
here, and hope to move in this week. What a
Ifest regards.



Joseph J. Hickey
Assistant Professor

20 May 1948
Dear Toe:
Your note about reprints has been circulated.
I will be more than glad to send you what I have but
before doing so I need to know a little more. My thesis
is now down to half a dozen copies. You can certainly
have one for the file there it there isn't one already.
At one time that was required reading for the students
there and I had sent Mr. Leopold at least half a dozen
of them. Possibly these went to graduate students.
Did I give you what you wanted for your
personal file while you were here? There is no card for
you in my file and I nearly always make one. If you
want duplicates you will get them even tho Itm down to
a few copies. There is no better place for them.
Also, do you now have Rose Lake reports up to
date? I have a few of them, and the Game Division in
Mich. has plenty more. I wonder if Bob llc~abe got the
ones he requested.
I'll bet things are really busy there. Squeeze
me out a postcard with these answers when you get tire
and the stuff will go out right away. D. H. S. Davis of
South Africa was here yesterday. You would have been
much interested.
Regards to Peggy and Susie.