Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

November 9, 1)4T
Mr. Charles Eltton
Bnrean of Animal Populations
Oxford. i~a;\
Dear Charles-:
I have gotten far enough into the two published reports to
comprehend the ragnitude and complexity of the underteddaig.
I had no idea until I looked at the may how big a frotion
of England is clded in the proposed program.
When we next have a chn:ance to talk, which I hope will be soon,
I will be intensely interested to her whether the present
govertnment will have the o"urage to attack so large a task.
Over here I see so may5fv sound technical effo)rts stowed avty
on the library shelves that I have become skeptical.
Do you remember tho my osium which' the 4olo, ical Society
wanted you to leed this Christae? They finally induced
me to undertake it, but I riuse to call it anythingD more
than a discussion. I am sending you, within the next few
weeks, to introduction and an outline of the progrea.
Tauuks to the peak load of graduate students since the war,
I have at last obtained pe-mission to add a third member to
sq staff - Joseph J. Hickey. You may have seen some of his
ornithological papers. In any event on your noxrt tripo over
here I hope that both he and ;r faithful Ielper Bob McCabe
can become acquainted with you.
I an sendiang you in this mil a paper on oae of r:y hobbes,
phenology, also a recent )sver called *T7heoloi  Con-
The Y.lton oaks were girdled by mnire agin last winter, but
one of them mde a regrowth of 24 inchos this wumier, which
is two inches greater than last year. I an boginning to