Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

Janary3, 1914s
Mr. ahilace Ozwnge
afr flaoes
As ya km, I s always clad to get your views.
As to mq vote on the 14tnahoftf ease, I Ocfoe
that th   is nhe first tue in ag history as a
Ooaissioner that I did not know how to vote,
ad I  tight Jist as well hve thrown up a pay.
$evetrl of W friends whose Ju&dant I value
hihy, txiolnding Clyde Terrnll and Harry Itlea
have expressed the sane diangreament that you
have. On the other hand I seen to have more
rward for the Attorne Geneml Is office than
you have. In short, I an open to pansion,
and I an not yet sure tore the tr'th lies.
Ot the matter of power dms, you are mistake
IA sUpposing that the Coaitasion is going to
oppose everything and naything, eidy booase
It is a power dam. OX the @ontrnry, we had a
long discussion on the need for an explioit
antrrq of partiaular localities in advamo, wit
a definite list of wildlife and recreational values
involved or not involved in eh ese. I diagre
with you that we should maks any blank serifies
of wildeneus values stply on the cbance that we
might ned them in another Wat.. If we lose our
vilderness, we have nothing left in Og opinion,
wrth fightin fort or to be more exat, a aonrlately
Indnetrialised hdted Gtats Is of no coasequeuse to
me. I an epressing thee views in more detail in
r preuidential MAdress to the mologioal 3ociety
for next ;,ear, and I will see tat you get a copy.
It is always stimlAtiag to s to awy vim" with
With peomnal rearut.,
Yours as ever,

Alto Ieopold