Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

March 29, 19U7
Dr. Charles Elton
Oxford niversity
3Bureau of Animal Pomulation
Oxforcd, Enland
Dear ;harles:
I have your letter abou't Morles :acino and I also have a letter
in Spanish fro, him. I will write him shortly and send you a copy.
If he is not a candidate for a degree, but aima1y wants *to core
hLere and nic' ua: the general atmosphere and take a fe" cmrses, the
plan is feasible of execution, and I will be glad to do everything
I can to carry it out.
If on the other hand he is a candidate for a degree I would have to
follow my pre3ent rule of turning down any and all comers. I now
have eighteen graduate st-udets aund I am not doing justice to them.
Beginning in 1498 it might become thinkable to take on spocial cases,
since I hope by that tiie to have s me additional facul ty.
I will have to await an accurate translation of his letter on this
As to -ossible financial support, I will do my bost.
Needless to say I regard cases of this kind as very i-uortant.
With personal regards.
Yours as ever,
cc: Dean .1erriott
Vetrfield Jsborne
Dean 3aldwin

OXFORD UNIVERSITY                v
Postal Address:
Bureau of Animal Population           Telephone: Oxford 4261
University Museum, Oxford  11th  February,  1947  Telegrams: Mus, Ox
Professor Aldo Leopold,
Dep1h of Wildlife Management,
University of wisconsin,
424 University Farm Place,
Dear Aldo,
I have received the formal letter from Professors
Hasler and Emlen and yourself, kindly inviting me to
visit you tnis summer and give a lecture and take part
in group discussions. I delayed replying at once, in
the expectation that the Boological Society of America
might be sending along the invitation you refer to.
But, as it will in fact be impossible for me to visit
the United States this year, and altnough I have not
yet heard from the SocietyI think it best to write in
order to let you know the position.
I think you will realise that if I were coming
to the States, I sould count it an enormous privilege
to visit your DepartmentE  and renew contact with my
friends in Wisconsin. I certainly appreciate very
warmly your invitation and am sorry I cannot fulfill
it. It is not only that I have a large number of matten
to attend to in respect to my University and other
scentific work (presumbly everyone is in the same
position there); but it is also that I genuinely require
some time to think quietly about ecological questions
and theories which I have only been able to do in odd
times during the last six years. I am also pretty
tired, and for this reason also wish to stay at home
and do some continuous and not too hectic research.