Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

Mey ?4, l9~o
Dr. Durward L. Allen
Pntu 'aent Research Refuge
Laurel, Maryland
Dear Darwards
You can hold off sendingk, me rn avalanche of reprints
until I get specific. At the noment I am not sure
just which ones of the eopold collection we are
7oing to lose. Aldo Thex 15,000. He filed them
under subjects, nd often used extra reprints to
enable him to file A given title in several different
boxes. *Mhere this occurs we will only lose one copy.
I don' t think we will be badly off on the more impott.nt
reprints, but we will lose out on the older ones. I
will let you 'now seiclly what       exist     en
they occur.
You brought me up to date in a personal way in re-
prints when I was at Patuxent. I will bemble, of
course, to give our students access to these, but
I do feel that the Department should have a permanent
I wish we had a little time to discuss some of the
activition at the last North American Conference. I
sure was disampointed in the scheduling of a water-
fowl session at the time that the Wildlife Society
met.  3elieve it or not, no one here Inows who was
awardi the scroll for the bost management naper in
1947; in fact, I am not sure that I Iow who is the
new president. Maybe I am cut in the cold largely
bue to some bleical error in the Society's files
which has prevented me from receiving any rablica-
tions since last October.
Would it be politic for us to --ut the pressure on
the Institute to abandon the idea of An annual
banquAet? The Institute seems to feel that they
have to entertnin people who go to the Conference.
'his is undoubtedly trio for sone, but it really
doesn't hold for the biolciAta.