Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

JawW4I7 3N 1948
mr. Otto C. Doering
33 North Michigan ^venue
Chicago 1t Illinoie
Dar Mr. Doerings
The first nAme that oocurs to n  in connection
with your letter of Deoember % is Dr. Paul 3.
Seares Oberlin Colleg, O1) , hio. You do
not say anything about the on    ation, if any,
for the led4 r9i time, so I am guessing from
this angle. DA   3ears alreadr has AM11 college
duties, and was elected president of the rcological
Society this week. He has, however, the combina-
tion of broad knowledge and judgment, which uah
a job would require. No other names occur to me
tit this time.
With, best regards*

-Aldo Leopold

.;%7 1p