Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

),tpz 26t 194
Dr. Harrison F. Lewis
Departmant of Mines and 'esourcos
Lands and Development Servioes 3ranah
Ottawa, Ontario
Dear Dr. Lewisz
Va very mnch appreoiate receiving your letter of
May 20 with the two prints of Professor Leopold.
I am taking the liberty of sending one of these
to Mrs. Leopold and retaining the other in our
illes. It is certainly a most intereatitag piotar.
I am atill wincing from the pain of looking thugh
the A-ril Auk, which  ik0e many of its recent prede-
essore, is a disoredit to liorth Ameo an ornithology.
It does seem to me that the only w.y we can get good
editin. in our field is to let our editors-in-chief
be maaing e4itors with a team of assistants. So
ranch of the Vti is nowr wordy. and aVnenses of publica-
tion are atIhg-vo stedily that I don't see how we
can retain the co fortabla fNea of delegating val
the editorial work to one man. The blame for this
situation is not Mr. Zimer's. It falls on every
one of us for eanitting it to exist.
Sineorely you -,
JjAl tpM                    Joseph J. Hiekay
Assistant "rofessor