Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

Jauarys 28, 1948

.!r, Perry 3. Duryfa
Conservation DlArtment
A1b ny, eIAnr Yok
;ear Mr. AnZ st
&te Con limnAtar: copry otM h  rrfa  ticoutse for
the library of the Dop'rtwent ofr 11de:. 4C.   thansetnt
ts been recPIved, and I thank y-u henrtil for it.
It so Iap 'ns that miy ersonal library In nsed in
this dpartunt ad you had aireadr z-    me a personl
cop; off this volune. I w therefo:re plirg the oe-
and co   In the librnry of the College of crioultur,
and this I trat will met with your stistbation.
Your sin erely,

Aldo .epold