Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

I'r glad you so fit to give Jack Van Coeverin, a hSnG.   So far as
I kric.  L.. the only feller of the reporter tribe (non-tech) Vhc
ha   the idea. I think he has: i e of being a profe:. ional &no full-
time tra!,slatcr of the technitan to the barber-shop; fully able to
quiZZ the prof in his own language, but expecting to write it a la
b.s.   Ie's young enough to have the time; has the inclination i
is wepeoouble, a ucrker and I figrer hirm a comer. Nat'l mag. Aditor ntl.
Titu 1.a liveu off his typewriter for some 20 yrs - with .cme
little help from his orchard, but haL never oeei Lubjected to a ueak
grind for long enough to know w.hat it i. HD is depenaable , has lots
of our sort of vision, guts to match, but is sensitive (writer-artist
fashion) and easily suffers much unuer strain &/or slpense.  I'd
doubt that his temperement or experience had cualified him for any-
thing lce to whazt Drling is u; arainst. Or that any such job wculd
tempu him aqay . rom his dog,  mily an crohra - there in the trout
grouse etc country. 1ly estimate: I've been wrong lots of times.
The only really C" pros.eut to rercac  a hol cown the 3S, anu
enjoy the racket and all-around play 'em off their feet, Lihtu be
Ruthven of U of M. le cild - ;u )Why the hell sliould he? Ye has
the soclogy, the savvey, the ability to jingle a big tangleu works
etc. but I aboume that wh  hw h. ±o what he wants. Still ????
Noble Clarke was here ewsq          reported., in high confidence,
that you were being believileL by Darling to .ome on and uakt-; over
that job, and were tempted, but hesitating. Clarke asked whether if
he cculd fix it, Mlich et al woula be inclined to welcome you as a
regional wildlifer, coordinating everybody etc. I saidi that I cidn't
know anybody who woulun't welcome such an arvangement, if it was,
auel, wat~a you wantea iost - or as per your own specifications -
, 8  .  hali      for woi     a  you~ watet to work, freedom from