Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

JawW4I7 3N 1948
mr. Otto C. Doering
33 North Michigan ^venue
Chicago 1t Illinoie
Dar Mr. Doerings
The first nAme that oocurs to n  in connection
with your letter of Deoember % is Dr. Paul 3.
Seares Oberlin Colleg, O1) , hio. You do
not say anything about the on    ation, if any,
for the led4 r9i time, so I am guessing from
this angle. DA   3ears alreadr has AM11 college
duties, and was elected president of the rcological
Society this week. He has, however, the combina-
tion of broad knowledge and judgment, which uah
a job would require. No other names occur to me
tit this time.
With, best regards*

-Aldo Leopold

.;%7 1p

' e cemnber2
19 4 7
Dear Mr. Leopold:
A friend of mine, Mr. Henry Regnery, is in the
publishing business and has published several books bearing
on the European situation. He and his associates are pub-
lishers of Human Events and pamphlets that deal largely
with the present politico economic situation of this country
and Europe.
A few days ago, over the luncheon table, he sug-
gested the idea of publishing a pamphlet, or series of
pamphlets, on the exhaustion of our natural resources and
what that means to the future of our country. The idea, as
Ve discussed it, was that some one person would be put in
charge, with experts in various lines, such as timber, iron
ore, copper, magnesium, lead, etc., writing the articles
under this person's general supervision. There probably
would be little new in the exposition of the facts, but we
would hope to put it in such dramatic fashion before our
readers that it would make the impression and create the
understanding which the subject certainly deserves.
I agreed to write you to ask if you would have
any one to suggest who could generally supervise this work.
I am not unaware of the fact that we will reach only a
relatively small number of people, but it is a great and, I
am afraid, little understood truth that needs telling.
Thank you for your kind attention to this.
Mr. Aldo Leopold,                4
424 University Farm Place,
Madison 5, Wisconsin.