Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-1 : Correspondence

I'r glad you so fit to give Jack Van Coeverin, a hSnG.   So far as
I kric.  L.. the only feller of the reporter tribe (non-tech) Vhc
ha   the idea. I think he has: i e of being a profe:. ional &no full-
time tra!,slatcr of the technitan to the barber-shop; fully able to
quiZZ the prof in his own language, but expecting to write it a la
b.s.   Ie's young enough to have the time; has the inclination i
is wepeoouble, a ucrker and I figrer hirm a comer. Nat'l mag. Aditor ntl.
Titu 1.a liveu off his typewriter for some 20 yrs - with .cme
little help from his orchard, but haL never oeei Lubjected to a ueak
grind for long enough to know w.hat it i. HD is depenaable , has lots
of our sort of vision, guts to match, but is sensitive (writer-artist
fashion) and easily suffers much unuer strain &/or slpense.  I'd
doubt that his temperement or experience had cualified him for any-
thing lce to whazt Drling is u; arainst. Or that any such job wculd
tempu him aqay . rom his dog,  mily an crohra - there in the trout
grouse etc country. 1ly estimate: I've been wrong lots of times.
The only really C" pros.eut to rercac  a hol cown the 3S, anu
enjoy the racket and all-around play 'em off their feet, Lihtu be
Ruthven of U of M. le cild - ;u )Why the hell sliould he? Ye has
the soclogy, the savvey, the ability to jingle a big tangleu works
etc. but I aboume that wh  hw h. ±o what he wants. Still ????
Noble Clarke was here ewsq          reported., in high confidence,
that you were being believileL by Darling to .ome on and uakt-; over
that job, and were tempted, but hesitating. Clarke asked whether if
he cculd fix it, Mlich et al woula be inclined to welcome you as a
regional wildlifer, coordinating everybody etc. I saidi that I cidn't
know anybody who woulun't welcome such an arvangement, if it was,
auel, wat~a you wantea iost - or as per your own specifications -
, 8  .  hali      for woi     a  you~ watet to work, freedom from

misery routines etc etc.  3ut viculu it be? low sure of that was
Ch he was very sure, he stid. I., the 'lIitconsin manniier, he was,  houeht,
a bit naive: too inclined to take things (appearances) at their face
value & without disccunt for worldly contaminatienL: unable to anticipate
the limiting factors quite sure to be in the complex linked witl the
pld&santly progressive items......  o I said several times, that as
far as I was concerned or able to Fuess It, if what Clarke could offer
or irovide were what you wanted to work with & ofn, fine'  ut I'd want
to be very sure that it really I (us per your specifiasticis). I'd
be more than content wi. 1:ev    - on figgerd to be most Leopelaish.
A. to your going into 'Wash. to help Durling untangle ana then to take
ever the 3.S. as Darling tapereu pit of it, I wasn't sure at all. I
don't know anything about D. save wihat you ttld me. Cn the face of it
it woulun't seem a good bet that a man with such backrounsu woulu fit
into the lash. mess and be comfortable - or effectiVe. That is, I take
it, a iame few really like to or get really competent, to play. ....
The private engineers uculdn't juild the Panama canal; the army
engineers could. Not that as engineers they were more abole, nut since
they knew how to tu;n in the governmental environment. I'a expect that
comoination to repeat as to the 3 S. Like enough it woulG take severil
official generations to remodel the ola 3ureau. iith Jeather, cilL,
Fore-u Servic-e ana Survey all coming unuer revisicai at once, the aec of
Ag would not be  olu 1vo help much, especially in theze times.
I assumed that you wculc be very anxious to help Darling make a gocd
go; that you would very Oiuch want to see a strong dese of the w/l mt-
ecological modern slants (notldore Game- Jaltonian) get in-built: that
you could help nc end in doing that: but )rcbably mot effedtivly and
comfortably at relativly long range: not too close in where the desk
vangles coula reach iaxmxhamipmalays an. mebbe bum you up.
Clarke was just akin a tr--ini. 1cm iuch of tilL I actually said, &
U  I-